DoubleU Review Editorial Conclusion

In its promotional materials, DoubleU Casino asserts that it is “better than a genuine casino” since it offers more than 140 amazing slots. While we’re unsure if we’d go that far, DoubleU Games Co. has done an excellent job developing an app that can compete on a worldwide scale.




The app is accessible through Facebook and on the vast majority of mobile devices. In 2023, it has amassed a massive fan base, and for good cause. It is sleek, with fluid gameplay, and is quite sociable, which we believe you will like.



One of the most sociable casinos we’ve ever encountered. Instant access to all games upon login.

Outstanding theming and entertaining addition to The City

Excellent initial incentive to get you started.

Variety of mobile applications for iPhone, Android, and Amazon


When playing, it is a bit too simple to burn through cash. There are no recognizable brand names.

Software and Game Selection



Unlike many social casinos, none of this establishment’s 140+ slot machines are locked until you’ve reached a certain level. This is a major reason why this aspect of our online evaluation of DoubleU Casino scored so well. It is excellent news for everyone who has ever been forced to spin endlessly at the same slot machine in order to unlock the next one.


The portrayal of Las Vegas in DoubleU Casino’s ‘The City’, which is similar to The Sims, has more unique and fascinating characteristics. It is quite entertaining to see your animated avatar roam about Sin City, sipping a drink and (hopefully) selecting a winning slot machine in one of the strip’s numerous casinos.


Powered by DoubleU Games Co. software, you will likely not recognize any of the games as you would in an Aristocrat-powered social casino. However, when everything appears this fine, there is no need to be concerned. In addition to slot machines, you may also play video poker at this social casino.


4.5/5 for Bonuses & Promotions

You can receive one million coins as a welcome gift the moment you join in. Given that there is essentially no restriction on the quantity of your wagers, it may be fairly simple to burn through currency. The only limitation you have is the amount of your own money.


Thankfully, reloading your balance is less expensive than at other social casinos, with $39 purchasing more than 27 million coins. There are also frequent deals, such as coupons for 40% off and others, to make real-money purchases more affordable.


If you do not wish to pay actual money, you have the following options:


Donate coins to your buddies (or strangers)

Continue playing to try to level up

Wait for the opportunity to spin the prize wheel

DoubleU Casino is stingier than other social casinos when it comes to giving away chips while you’re playing, so there’s not much to say about this.


Community \s4.2/5

DoubleU is a casino that has no fear of social interaction. Interact with other avatars (strangers or friends) and send them presents, and view a live stream of jackpot winners at the bottom of the screen. Perhaps your name will appear there shortly.


YouTube is their most active social media platform, with frequent updates on the most recent games and rewards. It is evident that DoubleU Casino relies mostly on Facebook for their social media presence. However, it does appear that they are attempting to get traction on Instagram.


Given that they have over four million followers on their Facebook page, where they publish freebies and surveys, they have no need to go elsewhere!


Security and account creation 4/5

To begin playing at DoubleU Casino, all you need is a mobile device or Facebook account. To begin playing immediately, simply open the correct app, either through Facebook or the proper app store. Downloading is simple for Apple, Windows, and Android devices.


If you wish to play on a desktop or allow cross-play with a mobile device, a Facebook account is required. In other words, an email address cannot be used to establish an account, which is a bummer.


If you choose to acquire additional coins, you can do so via Facebook or in-app transactions. You are protected by all of the applicable firms’ security procedures.




DoubleU Casino is available on iOS, Android, Windows, and Kindle devices to all gamers. This casino has gone to great lengths to accommodate mobile devices, as seen by the stunning aesthetics and tiny screen capabilities.


Keep in mind that these applications may not have all the bells and whistles that the DoubleU Casino app on Facebook does. However, they continue to be of great quality and provide over 100 games. Both the iOS and Android applications have average ratings of 4.4/5 at the time of writing.


Conclusion \s3.8/5

In a nutshell, our specialists recommend DoubleU, but don’t take our word for it — over 3.5 million gamers follow the casino on Facebook. DoubleU has created a reputation for itself in the world of social casinos by providing diversity, beautiful visuals, and plenty of fun.


This might be viewed as a double-edged sword, though, because it lends a sense of novelty to the slots here. On the strip, we’ll see you!






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